Completed Truck

Chevy truck box side replacement.

Damaged box side


Vehicle is pre-washed, initial estimate is used to map the repair and identify additional damage that may have been missed on the initial estimate.

Vehicle is disassembled in preparation of replacement of the box side.

Chevy truck box side replacement.

Damaged box side is removed.

welding on body frame


Outer wheelhouse is replaced prior to box side installation.

Auto Body Repair in action

New box side is fit before installation.

Truck Repair

Chevy truck box side replacement.

Box side is installed using a resistance spot welder.

Paint Booth

Paint process

Damage to tailgate has been repaired, primed and prepped for paint.

panel repair

Paint process

New box side is prepped and masked for paint.

paint booth

Paint process

Spies Hecker water borne basecoat and urethane clear coat is applied and baked.

Speidell Body Works North


Vehicle is reassembled, detailed and ready for delivery.

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