Tips for Buying a Used Car

Used cars are in hot demand these days. Some people feel they are a better buy than going brand new. The value of a used car these days is also reflecting this higher demand. It’s important [...]

Photo App Estimates Good or Bad?

These pictures were taken by one of our estimators of rear end damage to this vehicle. Our estimate included replacement of the rear bumper cover and replacement of the broken tail light. The [...]

Don’t Be Steered Down The Wrong Path

Some insurance companies representatives work very hard to convince you that you may be penalized or slighted by not going to one of their “preferred” shops for your repairs but in fact that is [...]

Standard transmission

Most people probably don’t even know the term “Standard Transmission”, I know I was not aware of that term. Some of you may have heard of “3 on the Tree” or “4 on the floor” and I think most of [...]

Buying A Used Car

Used cars are in hot demand these days. People have started to realize that they can be a better buy, in some cases, than going brand new. The values of used cars are also reflecting this higher [...]

“A Soft Pillow”

This car came into our shop a couple of days ago. It is, quite obviously, a total loss. There is very heavy damage to the front left and the left rear. I always cringe when I see a vehicle with [...]


What was the last text you sent? Many people don’t think twice about the last text message they sent. I couldn’t tell you what mine was. However, families of people that were killed in a car [...]

It takes 3 seconds to buckle your seat belt. Dead is FOREVER!!

There have been 3 accidents in the past 2 weeks that I have known about that caused death or a severe injury. Some people were wearing seat belts and some were not. This really stirred up [...]

Winter is Right Around the Slippery Corner

That’s right, winter will be here before you know it. Are you ready? How about your car? Here is a list of things that would be helpful to have in your vehicle just in case you get stranded: 1. [...]


It never seems to fail that you buy a used car and only then do you start to notice little things that could mean that it had been in an accident. Running a CARFAX is great but even that may not [...]

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