Photo App Estimates Good or Bad?

These pictures were taken by one of our estimators of rear end damage to this vehicle. Our estimate included replacement of the rear bumper cover and replacement of the broken tail light. The [...]

Don’t Be Steered Down The Wrong Path

Some insurance companies representatives work very hard to convince you that you may be penalized or slighted by not going to one of their “preferred” shops for your repairs but in fact that is [...]

Standard transmission

Most people probably don’t even know the term “Standard Transmission”, I know I was not aware of that term. Some of you may have heard of “3 on the Tree” or “4 on the floor” and I think most of [...]

Who Pays Your Deductible?

Have you ever heard this when it comes to collision repair? Maybe you have sought out a shop that will do this for you. This practice is unethical at best, but at worst it can be insurance fraud. [...]

I don’t want to get insurance involved, I’ll pay for it myself.

We here this statement all too often when people are afraid of there insurance going up. The problem with this especially when it is someone else paying for your car, is that there may be hidden [...]


Texting, talking, eating, putting on makeup, reading!!! These are some of the big distractions that can cause you to have an accident. As I was running along 84th street the other day I did a [...]

The Choice Is Yours

Why do you do business with a restaurant, hair dresser/barber, department store, or car dealership? Most of you know why. Maybe it is because your family likes it and you have always gone there. [...]

“A Soft Pillow”

This car came into our shop a couple of days ago. It is, quite obviously, a total loss. There is very heavy damage to the front left and the left rear. I always cringe when I see a vehicle with [...]


What was the last text you sent? Many people don’t think twice about the last text message they sent. I couldn’t tell you what mine was. However, families of people that were killed in a car [...]

It takes 3 seconds to buckle your seat belt. Dead is FOREVER!!

There have been 3 accidents in the past 2 weeks that I have known about that caused death or a severe injury. Some people were wearing seat belts and some were not. This really stirred up [...]

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