Spring Grime Removal


Is your vehicle looking a little worse for wear from the hard winter road and weather? Now is the time to start delivering some TLC! The sooner you can start to peel away the winter months of grime and build-up, the better for the body and undercarriage of your vehicle. It’s also the time to consider paying a professional for a full interior and exterior detail. More of a DIY person or maybe you just enjoy the process? Check out the tips below to get started on your weekend project. Your vehicle will thank you for it!
Start from the Bottom:
  • The first step to freshening up your car for spring is to remove salt from the vehicle’s underside. Connect a garden hose to a spigot, drag the hose out to your car, and reach directly underneath to wash out every exposed area. If that car detailing method sounds unappealing…
Wash and Wax Your Car:
  • If you decide to wash the car yourself, choose a liquid or powder cleaner for the body. If there are tar or other stains on the finish, use a stronger formula designed to protect the finish and remove stubborn spots. Stay away from abrasives that can scratch the paint, like steel wool. Once your car is dry…



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