Parking Your Vehicle


Will you be parking your car for an extended amount of time? We have some tips – read on below!

Are you headed back to campus and parking your vehicle in a lot or garage for several days at a time? Maybe you are preparing to take an extended trip and will be parking in a long-term parking situation? Whatever the case, below are some longer-term parking tips and preparation to consider taking for your vehicle.

Choose a Good Spot – Can you get an ed spot or location mostly in the shade? Ideally, a covered garage or port is added protection and less exposure and is always a good thing to consider when thinking about long-term parking.

Remove All Valuables – No matter how great the space you found for your vehicle, it’s always smart to remove any temptation from your vehicle when you are unable to keep a close eye on it.
Check Your Tire Pressure – Don’t be caught off guard when you return to drive your vehicle and weren’t aware of a slow leak or pressure issues. No one wants to return to find a flat tire!

Clean Out Your Car – What’s worse than coming back to a smelly vehicle that’s been baking old food or beverages for hours, days, or even weeks?! Clean out your vehicle before extended parking from food, drink, and that stinky gym bag.


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