Spring is here!


Warmer weather has arrived! I think we’re all ready to get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Some tips to get your car road-ready:

Spring Clean Your Vehicle – snow, and debris getting tracked into your vehicle aren’t as much of an issue as nicer temps set in. Clean those floorboards and seats from ice melt and winter grime.

Disinfect – Covid, Flu, and cold season is gross! Grab some wipes or disinfectant cleaner and give your car a good wipe down.

Check Tire Pressure – Extreme cold and temperature variations can do a number on your tire pressure.

Refresh Your Car Supplies – Check your car supplies, like safety gear, water, cleaning supplies, and more. Are they expired? Is there a better product you can replace anything with? Now is a great time to pair down and replace those items.

Check Windshield Wipers – Warmer temps mean rain and ice and frigid temps can damage wipers. Get them checked and replaced before you really need them during the next downpour.

Change Your Air Filters – Get your AC ready for hot temps and ensure everything is functional and ready for optimal performance.


Steve started working at Speidell Body Works in 2007. Steve specializes in detail and polishing but also does many odd jobs around the shop to keep things moving smoothly. He enjoys the unique challenges that come with every vehicle. Some of Steve’s favorite pass times are hunting with his dog Myron, roller skating, and playing video games. Steve would love to go hunting in Alaska or Canada someday. Some of his other hobbies are drawing, fishing and photography. Steve believes that success comes from being committed to every task.


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