Spring Car Care Tips

Winter is starting to wind down. With more sun and warmer temperatures comes an entirely different approach to car care. Start Spring off right by doing a proper spring clean of your vehicle! Here are some simple tips to help you spring clean your vehicle.

Thorough Wash and Wax

Now that the snow is gone, your vehicle deserves a nice wash and wax. Winter condition driving can cause a huge amount of road grime, salt, and debris to build-up on your car. Leaving grime and debris on your car can lead to damage to its paint and finish while neglecting the salt build-up can lead to rust!

Detail the Interior

Everyone hates cleaning their car in the cold. This makes spring the perfect time to clean your car’s interior! If you plan to disinfect your vehicle’s interior, avoid bleach-based cleaners! Try using an antibacterial cleaner instead. Bleach-based cleaners will cause soft-touch or painted surfaces to fade or crack.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

After a tough winter, it is best to check your wiper blades for any signs of cracking or wear. Due to ice, the wiper itself could wear dramatically. Wiper blades play a vital role during spring showers.

Have Your Alignment and Suspension Inspected

Winter is harsh on city streets, and that means it is harsh on your vehicle’s suspension. If you’ve run into huge potholes or rocks during the winter, it could have ruined your car’s alignment or damaged its suspension.


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