Watch Out for Road Salt


When it comes to winter, we tend to obsess about snow, ice and cold, but don’t forget about the road salt and sand that come with these nasty elements! Road salt and sand are extremely important for public safety. The rock salt helps melt ice even if it’s freezing, and the sand helps keep the salt in place to do its job. Unfortunately, these two can inflict major damage to your vehicle – destroying its finish, increasing rust and even hurting your vehicle’s driving performance. The most vulnerable areas on your vehicle are doors, fenders, hoods and tailgate, as they retain a lot of moisture. So knowing the damage these can cause to your car, here are some tips to keep your vehicle safe.

Wax your car.
Wax protects the paint surface like an invisible shield. Be sure to apply a good, strong coat before the winter season starts. You should also consider sealing the undercarriage as well.

Keep car tires clean.
Before winter weather arrives make sure you clean your tires and get them salt-free. Throughout winter remember to check and clean your tires to keep them from kicking up the road debris that could damage your vehicle’s body.

Wash your car during the day.
Regular car washes are vital in keeping your vehicle protected. Remember to do so during the day so your vehicle has time to dry without the water freezing on your finish after temperatures drop. To ensure your locks don’t freeze following a wash, we recommend opening and closing the doors after the wash.

Don’t drive in deep snow.
For both car care and safety reasons, don’t drive in deep snow. For starters, you can get stuck and stranded. Deep snow can pack salt into the undercarriage, where it’s difficult to remove. This often leads to corrosion and even drivability problems.

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