Victim of Hail Damage?

If the recent string of spring storms brought some unwelcome hail or wind damage to your vehicle, we can take care of it for you! Whether you have insurance or are paying out-of-pocket for [...]

Caring For Your New Paint Job

Is your car in need of a new paint job? When it comes to taking care of a new paint job, there are several things to keep in mind. Collision repair often requires a new paint job; paintwork can [...]

What To Look For When Buying Used

Searching for a new car is an exciting time. If you’re buying a used car, it’s best to avoid vehicles with collision damage repaired incorrectly, but how do you know if the vehicle [...]

What Are Salvage Titles?

A vehicle receives a salvage title when it’s damaged in an accident so severe that it is deemed a total loss. Nebraska state laws say this occurs when the car’s repairs would cost 75% of its [...]

So You Were In An Accident, Now What?

Unfortunately, car accidents happen. The most important thing to remember following an accident is to stay calm and do not leave the scene. The first step is to contact local law enforcement [...]

Reducing Distracted Drivers May Have A Manual Solution

Most people probably don’t even know the term “standard transmission.” I know I was not aware of that term. Some of you may have heard of “3 on the tree” or “4 on the floor” and I think most of [...]