Why Paying Out-Of-Pocket Might Cost You More

I Don’t Want To Get My Insurance Involved

We hear this statement all too often when people are afraid of there insurance going up. The problem with this, especially when it is someone else paying for your car, is that there may be hidden damage. The complexity of today’s vehicles makes it difficult to know everything it is going to take to fix your vehicle without first having it disassembled.

In the past, we have worked on a repair that was paid by a third party. The third party came in and paid the initial estimate amount upfront with a credit card. Once the vehicle was disassembled, we found additional damage. Although we made it abundantly clear in the beginning that there could be hidden damage, we now can’t get ahold of the third party.

This left the owner of the vehicle responsible for paying the remainder of the bill. A word of advice to anyone who is going to agree to let an individual pay for their vehicle repairs out of pocket. Only consider this option after acquiring all of their insurance information. By doing this, you have a backup plan in the event they back out after repairs have begun. Call the police if you have an accident on public property no matter how small the damage may seem. Contacting the police will help determine who is at fault, keeping your wallet safe when the other party is liable.


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