Been In An Accident?

Did you know that by law you have a choice where to have your vehicle repaired? In Nebraska, an insurance company cannot force you to patronize abody shop of their choice. An insurer can suggest certain shops that are on their direct repair program but the choice is yours. You may choose to go with their contracted shop but if you are not comfortable with them simply inform the claims representative that you want to use a different shop. Speidell Body Works is more than happy to work with any insurer whether or not we are on their network to see that your vehicle is restored to its pre-loss condition or better and we guarantee our workmanship for as long as your own vehicle.



There is no state law requiring you to obtain more than one insurance estimate. In fact, most insurance companies will work with a single estimate from a reputable body shop. We recommend that you choose a body shop you are comfortable with and allow them to work directly with your insurance company to see that your vehicle is repaired properly and returned to you as soon as possible.


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