Standard transmission

Most people probably don’t even know the term “Standard Transmission”, I know I was not aware of that term. Some of you may have heard of “3 on the Tree” or “4 on the floor” and I think most of us have heard the term “stick shift.” Whatever you call it, the fact is, there are fewer and fewer manual transmission cars out on the streets any more. Let’s face it, an automatic transmission is much easier to drive.

I want to suggest that if you are the parent of a teenager that is getting ready to drive you take a look at buying them or having them buy a vehicle with a manual transmission. A few months ago, my niece, bought a car with a manual transmission. At first I thought that this may not be a great idea. There are parts on manual transmission cars, like the clutch, that can easily wear out or break if not driven properly. After hearing from her and her parents I realized that this was a brilliant purchase. For one, she is learning how to drive a stick shift and that will allow her to be able to have more options with vehicles throughout her life. The best reason of all, however, is that her distractions have been limited. When you are worried about shifting all the time you don’t have your hands free to text, eat, and put on your make up. You are more engaged in the act of driving. Can you still do all of those things, of course, but you limit them.

Some things to think about when purchasing a car for a teenager. Whatever we can do to cut down distractions and engage them more on the task at hand, driving, I am all for.

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