Texting, talking, eating, putting on makeup, reading!!! These are some of the big distractions that can cause you to have an accident. As I was running along 84th street the other day I did a very unscientific survey of distractions among the drivers that I observed. I saw people texting, talking on cell phones, eating, having discussions in the car using hand gestures (or maybe that was a gesture at me), etc. If they weren’t doing any of that and they were alone in the car, they were gawking at the non-runner running down the sidewalk (I could tell because they were laughing in my direction).

My conclusion is that every driver is distracted constantly. The remedy, stop driving! Well, that might be a little extreme. So maybe you work on eliminating as many distractions as you possibly can. Definitely, put the phone down. Wait until you get home to eat, or even stop in a parking lot and eat before driving. Keep your eyes on the road. Driving is so second nature to all of us but can be deadly in an instant.

Drive safe!!!!

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