The Choice Is Yours

Why do you do business with a restaurant, hair dresser/barber, department store, or car dealership? Most of you know why. Maybe it is because your family likes it and you have always gone there. Maybe you got a referral or someone raved about their products or service. Whatever the case is, you go there because you want to.

What if someone told you that you couldn’t use them anymore and that you had to start using another business? I am guessing that you wouldn’t like it too much. Some of you may not mind because you didn’t have a lot of loyalty to that certain place, but it is a little deeper than that. Nobody likes to be told where they have to go for a service or product.

This goes on in the autobody industry all the time. Insurance companies tell their insureds where to go all the time. Now, they can’t force you to go there but they will sometimes make it very difficult for you if you don’t go where they want you to go.

The bottom line is that you have the choice to have your vehicle repaired wherever you want.

If you have any questions about this or you are trying to choose a shop and the insurance company won’t let you, please contact us and we will give you a hand.

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