“A Soft Pillow”

This car came into our shop a couple of days ago. It is, quite obviously, a total loss. There is very heavy damage to the front left and the left rear. I always cringe when I see a vehicle with this kind of damage. The worst is feared. The worst being personal injury or worse.

When I talked to the vehicle owner, he said that his daughter had been driving and that made my fear even worse. Having a daughter myself, I was very concerned for her safety and well being. Here is what he told me. She not only walked away from the accident, but was checked out at a local hospital and was said to have a minor muscle strain. You see, she was wearing her seat belt and the air bags deployed. Her dad, never experiencing what an air bag does in an accident, asked her what it was like and here were her words. “It felt like I was laying my head down into my soft pillow.” What a description. I don’t know if they are all like that, but it is so much better than hitting your head on the steering wheel.

Your airbags and seat belts work together in an accident to reduce as much injury to you and your passengers as possible. So please buckle up every time you drive or ride in a car. I bet the driver of this car does from now on.

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