Texting, talking, eating, putting on makeup, reading!!! These are some of the big distractions that can cause you to have an accident. As I was running along 84th street the other day I did a [...]

The Choice Is Yours

Why do you do business with a restaurant, hair dresser/barber, department store, or car dealership? Most of you know why. Maybe it is because your family likes it and you have always gone there. [...]

“A Soft Pillow”

This car came into our shop a couple of days ago. It is, quite obviously, a total loss. There is very heavy damage to the front left and the left rear. I always cringe when I see a vehicle with [...]


What was the last text you sent? Many people don’t think twice about the last text message they sent. I couldn’t tell you what mine was. However, families of people that were killed in a car [...]