It takes 3 seconds to buckle your seat belt. Dead is FOREVER!!

There have been 3 accidents in the past 2 weeks that I have known about that caused death or a severe injury. Some people were wearing seat belts and some were not. This really stirred up something within me.

The first emotion is grief. I feel so bad for the families and individuals involved. Accidents happen. It is a part of life on the road and the streets. They will happen, and unfortunately they will cause injury and death.

The second emotion that has been stirred up in me is anger. I literally get mad that people still refuse to wear their seat belts. If you knew, without a doubt, that you would be involved in an accident today, would you put your seat belt on? I think that everyone would say YES!!! without question.

That seat belt will not always save your life or prevent serious injury, but your odds of surviving a crash are increased exponentially when you are belted in and stay inside the vehicle. What it really comes down to is a choice. Is your right to not buckle up or your comfort or whatever excuse you might use more important to you than those in your life that love you and would be absolutely devastated when that officer knocks on their door with news that there has been a terrible accident?


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