Who cares?…. We do.

Last week I had an insurance adjuster tell me that my role here at Speidell Body Works is to write estimates and fix cars. It is not my role to care about people or be concerned about them. Well, she was right. Our role is to write estimates and fix cars. However, we could never go along with that second part. We are all human beings first and I believe that without caring for each other and truly being concerned about people this world is not somewhere that I want to live.

I only do business with people that I believe care for me. The salesperson that sells me what I need or want instead of what makes more money for them is the person that I will go back to time and time again.

I have a friend at Williamson Honda that has been a salesman there for over 25 years. The reason that he is so successful is that he truly cares about the needs of his clients. He sells them what they want and they keep coming back.

So….who cares???….We do!!! And we always will.

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