I am sure that by now you all have your opinions on the new Facebook changes. I know I didn’t like it very well. It messed with what I know and that is never fun. We all have a comfort zone and when we are asked to get out of that we push back and try to get back into it.

Body shops are no different. However, if you are not willing to change and expand your vision you will not stay the same, you will go backwards. The one constant that I have noticed in my 10 years in this industry is that change is the only thing that stays the same(if that makes sense). 30 years ago you would have one person work on your car until it was done. They did everything from start to finish. The first change to that was there would be a division between 2 people. One would do the repairs and replacing of parts and the other person would paint it. The next change that we are in the midst of is an even greater division to what looks like an assembly line and a team approach. One person meticulously disassembles the vehicle, the next person or team of people do the repairs, the next person paints it and then it goes back to the first person for reassembly.

People have looked at this and said it can’t be done, but the thing is, it is being done and very effectively. So let’s not get too upset with changes that occur. If you don’t embrace it, then you are made irrelevant by it.

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