Protect Your Headlights

Have you noticed that your headlights don’t shine as bright as they used to?
Are they yellow or hazy? this is important for safety.

I am sure by now you have seen commercials for products that can restore headlights to like new in one swipe of the cloth. Well, that may not be exactly true. I know, it is hard to believe that an infomercial could be exaggerating just a little.

Here is a tip to keep your new car’s headlight’s shining bright for many years. I would recommend a good turtle or carnauba type wax once every 6 months. That will protect the plastic of the headlight just like it protects your car’s finish. It may not completely keep them haze free forever, but it can prolong the time that you will need to have them reconditioned.

If it is too late, stop by and we will restore them to “like new” condition.

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