Driving=Jumping out of a plane!!!

Which one is more of a risk, driving or jumping out of a plane?

Let’s take a look.

When you get in a car and decide to drive somewhere you take a risk that something bad will happen. The same thing happens when you jump out of a plane. When you drive, you are hurling down a street at a whopping 25 to 45 mph or highway at 45 to 80 mph. When you free fall from a plane you can reach speeds of 120 to 200 mph depending on your position. There is one major difference between driving a car and jumping out of a plane. The difference is that you would never jump out of a plane without a parachute but some people will not put on their seat belt. Why is that? It is because you know you will die if you don’t have a parachute but there is a good chance that you will survive a car ride without wearing your seat belt.

One last question. If you knew you would be in a car accident today, and you couldn’t avoid driving, would you wear your seat belt? The correct answer is YES!! No brain-er right? Make the right choice and wear your seat belt. Think of the ones you would leave behind if you were killed in a car accident and what they would go through.

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