Collision/ Auto Body Repair

Restoring collision damaged vehicles to pre accident condition in terms of safety, functionality and appearance.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless dent removal is effective for door dings, hail damage and in some cases larger dents at a fraction of the cost of conventional body repairs.

Headlight Reconditioning

We thoroughly remove the oxidized coating on the lens of the headlight. Then the surface is polished back to a smooth clear finish.

Auto Body Repair Shop in Lincoln, NE

Speidell Body Works is an auto body repair shop in Lincoln, NE. We attribute our dramatic growth in a shrinking collision repair market to our fair claims practices, outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and customer service, and our constant vision for the future of our industry. Our Google Reviews say it all, we are Your Best Decision After A Collision.

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Why we are the Best Decision After A Collision… Here are some of our favorite auto body repair case studies.

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Words from Awesome Clients

  • I heard a lot of good things about Speidell's. I was t-boned last month and they did an amazing job repairing my vehicle. I couldn't be happier with what they did. I would recommend them to anyone if they were looking for a place to get their vehicle fixed. Nicole and Cory were very awesome to work with. Thank you guys!

    Chris Olsen North Location
  • Speidell does too notch work and even better customer care. They did an amazing job with the work that needed to be done to my car.

    Mike Hansen North Location
  • Needed a few scuffs fixed up from some minor door dings on my car. Cory told me to bring it in and he would take a look. I was there 30 minutes later and he had every scuff cleaned up and polished in less than 10 minutes. Customer service was excellent, didn't have to wait, and I will DEFINITELY be using Speidell for anything I need in the future.

    Audrey Brydl-Andrews North Location
  • Thanks for the great and fast job on my car. Perfect work.

    Mike Hansen North Location
  • Employees are friendly, helpful, and do top quality work. All at a reasonable price.

    Larry Tuttle North Location
  • I went to pick my daughter up from college in Lincoln on a day where a number of crazy things had happened already. We stopped for lunch and realized we had an issue with the car. A gentleman named Cory approached us, asked if he could help, and gave us his card to Speidell, telling us that we could go there and they would help us. They did! We walked in, told Audra that Cory had sent us, and she immediately got us the help we needed and back on the road in 15 minutes! Great people, great service! Highly recommended!

    Randi Jo North Location
  • Went in for an estimate, and they corrected what turned out to be overspray on the paint right then......and wouldn't accept any payment for their service. The body guy spent 10-15 working on it with different solvents until he had it perfect. I was a return customer already, but these people are honest and good!

    arjay etzelmiller North Location
  • I stopped by to see if they could help me with a metal on metal sliding van door. They took a look at it and spent about a half hour fixing the door for me at no charge. Will always go back with any other auto work. Thanks

    Carolyn H. North Location
  • Speidell always treats me right. We've had our cars in their multiple times and each time the service is impeccable. Cory is great at walking you through the whole estimate and explains each and every repair necessary, and works hard to get you the best deal. Any time we need any body work done, Speidell is the first and only place we'll need to go.

    Jason G. North Location
  • Fast friendly service.

    Jake D. North Location
  • We took our car in to Speidell Body Works (South location) to have some scratches buffed and small dents (and one large one ;)) fixed. Our car looks brand new (we never thought it could look that good again!), and the cost was very reasonable. We were so impressed with their communication. They also had the car finished in the time we were quoted. We highly recommend Speidell Body works and will take our cars there in the future when we need additional work done.

    Wendy L. North Location
  • We brought our vehicle (a brand new truck) into Speidell Body Works after an unfortunate accident hitting a deer which significantly damaged a large portion of our truck. To begin with, we were thrilled that they were able to service the vehicle so quickly. We received frequent pictures and updates of our repair process and it was nice to see the care they were taking to pay attention to every detail. From start to finish we were impressed with the work that was done! Definitely will use them again each and ever time we need work done.

    Aspen Emry North Location
  • Joel and his crew were great to work with... They pay extreme attention to detail and even repaired a couple extra dings for me at no cost. These guys stand behind their work and take pride in what they do. It was nice to receive picture updates on my vehicle as they progressed. Very satisfied with my experience here!

    Nebraska Cases North Location
  • Speidell Body Works did a great job on my my car. I had a ton of hail damage, car looks amazing, even on the budget I had set. Great work.

    Ron Mowrey North Location
  • I had such a great experience with Speidell Body Works! They are wonderful! Blair Neth really gives you personal attention and makes sure everything is to your satisfaction! Thank you so much repairing my Van! I will definitely recommend your body shop to others!

    Becky Brauer North Location
  • We hit a raccoon in our brand new car and took it in to Speidell to get repaired. Blair took charge and had us at ease with the process immediately. We loved getting the online updates about the repairs and Blair also took the time to call on a regular basis to help move things along with our insurance company. Todd exceeded our expectations by taking care of a couple minor dings on the body at no charge just!! Speidell Bodyworks was spot on with the estimate so there were no surprises. Because we had such a positive experience we won't hesitate to return in the future and have already been recommending Speidell Body Works to everyone we can.

    Lynn Shumake North Location
  • I have had the opportunity (unfortunately) to use other Body Shops in Lincoln. What sets Speidell Body Works apart is the efficiency when handling a claim. I had a severe door ding/dent and they were able to fix it immediately. I was a little nervous about matching the paint color but it was perfect and I can honestly say I now can't remember where it was. I would highly recommend them for any of your vehicle repair needs!

    Regina Henson North Location
  • The staff at Speidell went above and beyond. The time to repair took longer, but it was due to the parts arriving, out of their control. They even helped with the car rental. I called some other body shops in town and they didn't even return my call. I recommend Speidell and would use them again.

    Zeke Fogarty North Location
  • Fourth time having body work done on 3 different vehicles and all work has been spectacular! Also had owner Todd do PDR at least 6 times and has made my older but nice cars look darn near perfect. Great customer service too.

    Greg Baker South Location
  • I recently slid on some ice with my car and brushed up against another car. The damage wasn't serious but it is a new car and I didn't want to see any flaws in it. I took it to Speidell and they were able to buff out some scratches and do some touch-up painting. The results were great and the price was very affordable.

    Lori Black South Location
  • Got rear ended and took my Altima here to be fixed. Everyone was very professional and my car looks better than new! I would def go here again.

    Ben Sheehey South Location
  • Simply Amazing!! My vehicle is back to me in better condition than in the years leading up to the accident. It never looked this sharp! Detailed/cleaned the interior and even cleaned/shined the headlights. Above and beyond service.

    Jon Terry South Location
  • Excellent work, friendly, personalized customer service! Would highly recommend

    Ryan South Location
  • Speidell's is the best body shop in town. They've done several jobs for me and always do a great job

    Kevin Johns South Location
  • I have nothing but good things to say about Speidell Body Works—they are friendly, professional and, most importantly, honest. They treated me fairly and made the process as pain-free as I ever could have hoped. I trust them with the small projects, and I would trust them with the large projects. Additionally, I liked that the owner, Todd Speidell, answered the phone when I called. I think it says a lot about a company when its owner takes a hands-on approach, working directly with customers and doing jobs such as answering the phone and working on cars himself. Granted, you never want to find yourself in a situation in which you need auto body repairs. But if I am ever in that position again, I know where I'll go.

    Gregory Moran South Location
  • Very impressed with attention to detail on the repairs made. 5 stars all the way!

    Ryan Caldwell South Location
  • Todd and his staff are the only people I trust with my car when accidents happen. I appreciate the price and options that have been given to me each time I had to come in.

    Ryan Onstad South Location
  • Todd and his crew did a fantastic job on my 66 Chevy nova. They had worked on the car previously in the early 90's and had done an excellent job then. I just recently had it back for a complete re-paint and other body work. And all I can say is "wow". The workmanship and customer service is top notch. From a daily driver to an old muscle car, Speidell's would be my only choice...

    Tony Mrsny South Location
  • I had a very good experience here. Todd repaired a dent in my car for a very fair price. You cannot tell it ever happened. Very professional! I definitely recommend this place to anyone needing a body shop. Other body shops were not confident that they could even fix it properly.

    Terry Wormley South Location
  • Todd and his staff have always treated me like I am their #1 customer, even though I've only had them do work for me a couple times in my many years of driving. By far the best auto body shop in Lincoln and probably the entire area! Recently I had Todd do some PDR (paintless dent repair) from a parking lot door ding. Anyone else in town would have milked out the job and wanted to paint the whole door. Watching Todd PDR that door was like watching a magician work his magic. The dent is completely gone, no signs of it ever even being there. Thank you Speidell Body Works!

    Sean McNamee South Location
  • Pictures don't lie..I had a little accident in my 2007 Tahoe. Was referred to Speidell by Ming. Their work is exceptional! I couldn't resist getting extra work done after Heath pointed some things out that would make my car look better. Scratches, rust, and some preexisting hail damage. Whole front of car was repainted. Best decision ever! This work was all done in such a timely manner. Hands down best business!! Thanks to everyone who worked on my car at Speidell.

    Heidi Kruger South Location
  • Speidell's worked on my 85 Corvette after I was in a fender bender. What can I say other than "Wow". The work they did on my car is amazing. They made the car look better than it did before the accident. Their specialists in the shop were always willing to talk to me to answer questions during the repair process. Speidell's truly went above and beyond what I had expected. I will definitely be referring my friends to Speidell's.

    Benjamin Hostetler South Location
  • I've been wanting to truly thank your staff at the South store for exceptional service in September, when I came in for advice & an estimate on my failed DIY project to install a salvage-sourced door on my Silverado PU. My cock-eyed attempts failed with getting it to match or latch properly, so Manager Matt Loos scoped it out & called Greg (the Wizard!) over to see if/how he could work with it. Greg applied a clever method to fix the sprung hinge so that it aligned & shut well, in very short order. I was awe-struck & eager to compensate them and your shop with whatever charges might apply. They refused & sent me on my way, totally taken aback. I insisted on offering a small cash ’donation’ to the shop, quite humbled with their generosity. Regretfully, I had a return visit with the same door that wouldn’t close or unlock. Again, Mr. Loos & Greg figured a simple fix & declined any compensation. I therefore gave another contribution to coffee-time and drove away, elated with the problem solved. I will certainly recommend you folks to anyone who asks and bring my body repairs without question to your shop first, in the future. I have also recommended you for a “Lincoln’s Choice Award” as well. Thank You Sincerely!

    Bruce Mellberg