Don’t be steered down the wrong path!

 Some insurance companies representatives work very hard to convince you that you may be penalized or slighted by not going to one of their “preferred” shops for your repairs but in fact that is not true.  We have heard of people being told that they may have to pay more, not have a warranty, pay […]

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2012 VW Jetta deer collision

We recently repaired this 2012 VW Jetta after a collision with a deer.  This car had less than 200 miles on the odometer.  Ouch!  Nothing like breaking it in.  Deer collisions have become a major concern on Nebraska roadways the last few years with the rising populations.  Unfortunately deer do not carry liability insurance.  Fortunately […]

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Protect Your Headlights

Have you noticed that your headlights don’t shine as bright as they used to? Are they yellow or hazy? this is important for safety. I am sure by now you have seen commercials for products that can restore headlights to like new in one swipe of the cloth.  Well, that may not be exactly true.  […]

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2011 Mustang unibody rail replacement.

Here are some pictures of a front unibody frame rail replacement on a 2011 Mustang.  Speidell Body Works can handle any repairs from minor scratches to hail damage to heavy collisions such as this one. 

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Body Care Tip: Tree Sap Removal

I love pine trees but they can make a mess of your car if you park under them.  Sap can be a sticky mess if you try to remove it with your finger nails or a dry cloth and water doesn’t seem to touch it.  Because it is organic and not of petroleum origin a […]

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New Radio Commercial

Todd Speidell: Body Shop Owner, Terrible Driver. Did you know that Speidell Bodyworks switched both shops to use only waterborn basecoat paints? We’re doing our part to provide environmentally friendly auto body solutions. Listen all about it here!

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Tour the Shop

You will rarely have to wait at Speidell Body Works, but if you do have a short wait you’ll find that our customer reception areas are clean and comfortable as well as our restrooms.  While you can make an appointment for an estimate if you wish, we pride ourselves on writing your estimate when it […]

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