Speidell Body Works was founded in May 1990 by Todd Speidell specializing in classic car restoration, custom painting and muscle cars.  As time passed and operating expenses increased, our body shop focus shifted from restoration to collision repair.

In July 1998 Speidell Body Works moved to the current location at 4021 North 48th Street, just North of Cornhusker Hwy.  With the move to a visible location, the change to 100% collision repair, and our quality reputation came dramatic business growth.

In December of 2001 Speidell Body Works, Inc. South was opened at 4900 Rentworth Dr., just South of Hwy. 2.  In the first year of operation Speidell South nearly matched the annual sales of Speidell North, proving to be an asset to our South Lincoln customers.

November 2002 we purchased the building at 4021 N. 48th Street, tripling our shop space to more than 9,000 square feet.  The total square footage of the North building is 19,500, allowing us ample space for future expansion.

We attribute our dramatic growth in a shrinking collision repair market to our fair claims practices, outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and customer service, and our constant vision for the future of our industry.