2012 VW Jetta deer collision

2012 Jetta Before

Deer hit with 147 miles!

We recently repaired this 2012 VW Jetta after a collision with a deer.  This car had less than 200 miles on the odometer.  Ouch!  Nothing like breaking it in.  Deer collisions have become a major concern on Nebraska roadways the last few years with the rising populations.  Unfortunately deer do not carry liability insurance.  Fortunately deer accidents are considered comprehensive claims for most insurance companies and don’t cause an increase in your insurance premiums.  Please drive carefully especially at night on highways and county roads.  We can fix your car but we can’t fix you!

2012 Jetta after

2012 Jetta completed


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  1. Jing says:

    How much did this repair cost? I have a brand new Jetta as well that has a similar problem in the front – if not a bit more serious. Thanks!

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